Concurrent N−H and α-C−H Bond Activations of Pyrrolidine and Piperidine under Ambient Conditions by 18e Tungsten Allyl Nitrosyl Complexes

18e Cp*W(NO)(CH<sub>2</sub>CMe<sub>3</sub>)(η<sup>3</sup>-allyl) complexes effect concurrent N−H and α-C−H bond activations of cyclic, saturated amines under mild conditions, the conversions involving pyrrolidine being shown. In a similar manner, treatment of Cp*W(NO)(CH<sub>2</sub>CMe<sub>3</sub>)(η<sup>3</sup>-3,3-Me<sub>2</sub>C<sub>3</sub>H<sub>3</sub>) with piperidine at room temperature results in the clean formation of the alkyl amido complex, Cp*W(NO)(CH<sub>2</sub>CMe<sub>3</sub>)(NC<sub>5</sub>H<sub>9</sub>CMe<sub>2</sub>CHCH<sub>2</sub>).