Cobalt-Catalyzed Oxidation of the β‑O‑4 Bond in Lignin and Lignin Model Compounds

2018-07-30T18:35:30Z (GMT) by Torsten Rinesch Carsten Bolm
In this work we demonstrate the use of Co­(acac)3 in combination with N-hydroxyphthalimide as an oxidant for the selective α-oxidation of the representative β-O-4 linkages in lignin model compounds. The oxidation reaction proceeds under mild conditions at 80 °C using 1,4-dioxane as the solvent and an oxygen atmosphere. The prior α-oxidation in the β-O-4 linkage of the lignin polymer is known to result in an easier cleavage of the adjacent C–O and C–C bonds because of a decrease in bond stability. Finally, the conditions were successfully transferred to kraft- and organosolv-lignin samples as proven by 2D-NMR (HSQC) experiments and gel permeation chromatography measurements.