Co3O4@MWCNT Nanocable as Cathode with Superior Electrochemical Performance for Supercapacitors

Using a simple hydrothermal procedure, cobalt oxide (Co3O4) with preferred orientation along (220) planes is in situ prepared and coated on MWCNT. The prepared Co3O4@MWCNT nanocable shows superior electrochemical performance as cathode material for aqueous supercapacitors in 0.5 M KOH solution. Its redox peaks retain the well-defined shapes even when the scan rate increases to 200 mV/s. Its specific capacitance is high, 590 F/g at 15 A/g and 510 F/g even at 100 A/g within the potential range from −0.2 to 0.58 V (vs SCE). There is no capacitance fading after 2000 full cycles. This excellent performance is superior to the pristine and the reported Co3O4, which is ascribed to the unique nanocable structure with orientation.