Chemically Modified Graphene Oxide-Wrapped Quasi-Micro Ag Decorated Silver Trimolybdate Nanowires for Photocatalytic Applications

We report a simple and versatile strategy for hybridizing 1-D silver trimolybdate wires (Ag2Mo3O10 Ws) and graphene oxide (GO) by a direct solution process. Because of the photoactive nature of Ag2Mo3O10 Ws, Ag particles were uniformly formed on their surfaces with the assistance of solar light. Enriched surface functional groups of GO from chemical activation induce a chemical coordination with these Ag particles. As a result, a uniform ternary hybrid mixture was successfully formed with metallic Ag nanoparticles as a bridge connecting activated GO and Ag2Mo3O10 Ws. We found that both excited GO and Ag2Mo3O10 could generate electron/hole pairs separated in space by metallic Ag as a solid-state electron mediator. The novel photocatalytic mechanism was confirmed using photocurrents, the electronic-band structure, and photoactivity correlation analysis.