Bioinspired Concentric-Cylindrical Multilayered Scaffolds with Controllable Architectures: Facile Preparation and Biological Applications

Multilayered objects are the most important and interesting structures in nature, exhibiting multiple functionalities. Inspired by the excellent structural–functional characteristics of nature creatures, concentric-cylindrical multilayered scaffolds were prepared by a combination of melt extrusion and leaching, in which well-defined alternating microlayer/gap is assembled. Furthermore, the macroscopic shape, internal structure, and surface topography of such a multilayered scaffold can be elaborately prepared by a simple physical process. The whole process has low cost, is efficient, and is environmentally friendly. Furthermore, such multilayered scaffolds show some interesting applications, e.g., lipophilic/hydrophilic drugs delivery and cell self-seeding. Considering the facile preparation process and versatile applications, this study will open up a new pathway to fabricate scaffolds with controllable architectures and expand their biodegradable polymer applications.