Anion–Anion Bonding and Topology in Ternary Iridium Seleno–Stannides

The synthesis and physical properties of two new and one known Ir–Sn–Se compound are reported. Their crystal structures are elucidated with transmission electron microscopy and powder X-ray diffraction. IrSn0.45Se1.55 is a pyrite phase which consists of tilted corner-sharing IrX6 octahedra with randomly distributed (Sn–Se)4– and (Se–Se)2– dimers. Ir2Sn3Se3 is a known trigonally distorted skutterudite that consists of cooperatively tilted corner-sharing IrSn3Se3 octahedra with ordered (Sn–Se)24– tetramers. Ir2SnSe5 is a layered, distorted β-MnO2 (pyrolusite) structure consisting of a double IrSe6 octrahedral row, corner sharing in the a direction and edge sharing in the b direction. This distorted pyrolusite contains (Se–Se)2– dimers and Se2– anions, and each double row is “capped” with a (Sn–Se)n polymeric chain. Resistivity, specific heat, and magnetization measurements show that all three have insulating and diamagnetic behavior, indicative of low-spin 5d6 Ir3+. Electronic structure calculations on Ir2Sn3Se3 show a single, spherical, nonspin–orbit split valence band and suggest that Ir2Sn3Se3 is topologically nontrivial under tensile strain due to inversion of Ir-d and Se-p states.