Alkene Oxyamination Using Malonoyl Peroxides: Preparation of Pyrrolidines and Isoxazolidines

Treatment of homoallylic N-tosyl amines or allylic N-tosyl hydroxylamines with 1.5 equiv of a malonoyl peroxide provides a stereoselective method to access functionalized pyrrolidines and isoxazolidines. This metal free alkene oxyamination proceeds in 50–85% yield and up to 13:1 trans-selectivity. In addition, the relative stereochemistry of the oxygen and nitrogen substituents can be inverted through an oxidation/reduction sequence or inverting the stereochemistry of the starting alkene. Mechanistic investigations show a higher reactivity for hydroxyl nucleophiles over sulfonamide nucleophiles revealing a preference for dioxygenation over oxyamination.