A Two-Coordinate Manganese(0) Complex with an Unsupported Mn–Mg Bond: Allowing Access to Low Coordinate Homo- and Heterobimetallic Compounds

This study details the synthesis and characterization of an unprecedented two-coordinate, high-spin manganese(0) complex that incorporates an unsupported Mn–Mg bond, viz. LMnMg­(MesNacnac) (L = −N­(Ar)­(SiPri3), Ar = C6H2{C­(H)­Ph2}2Pri-2,6,4; MesNacnac = [(MesNCMe)2CH]; Mes = mesityl). This compound has been utilized as an “inorganic Grignard reagent” in the preparation of the first two-coordinate manganese­(I) dimer, LMnMnL* (L* = −N­(Ar*)­(SiMe3), Ar* = C6H2{C­(H)­Ph2}2Me-2,6,4), and the related mixed valence, bis­(amido)-hetereobimetallic complex, MnII(μ-L)­(μ-L*)­Cr0. It is also shown to act as a two-electron reducing agent in reactions with unsaturated substrates.