A Nitrido Salt Reagent of Titanium

Deprotonation of the parent titanium imido (tBunacnac)­TiNH­(Ntolyl2) (tBunacnac = [ArNCtBu]2CH; Ar = 2,6-iPr2C6H3) with KCH2Ph forms a rare example of a molecular titanium nitride as a dimer, {[K]­[(tBunacnac)­TiN­(Ntolyl2)]}2. From the parent imido or nitride salt, the corresponding aluminylimido–etherate adduct, (tBunacnac)­TiN­[AlMe2(OEt2)]­(Ntolyl2), can be isolated and structurally characterized. The parent imido is also a source for the related borylimido, (tBunacnac)­TiNBEt2(Ntolyl2).